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TJ Jones
Touch Screen Elevator Operating Panel

inFact was commissioned to create a modern and highly interactive touch screen elevator operating panel for high end building projects which was first trialed in the new high profile OTIS building in New York.


For the COMMANDER™ T2 to be successful in such a highly regulated industry, it needed to be innovative, robust, and safe.


TL Jones  won the 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award for its COMMANDER™ T2 touch-enabled car operating panel.


Key product features


  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

  • Robust rich-media interface running on low power embedded hardware

  • Customisable and updatable building information, media, and theme

  • Fully customisable graphical touch interface, editable by building owner


TL Jones launched the T1, a factory customisable touch operating panel, capable of meeting individual building requirements within a single form factor.


The brief for the COMMANDER™ T2 was to extend the T1 range with a new product that would create a highly visual and interactive user experience.


inFact’s cross functional team considered all aspects of the product from the earliest stage of development. This involved outlining ergonomic considerations, meeting technical requirements, and mechanically integrating all components within the T2’s tight size constraints.

The big challenge with the state of the technology was creating a ruggedized solution that could withstand the abuse likely in public enviroments.


The result was a lift control system which provides building users with a new, enriched interactive way-finding experience.


This solution involved the creation of dedicated and themeable software that would meet the criteria for robustness and user experience on low power hardware. The software allows direct animated feedback of the various hardware inputs such as selected floors, alarm messages, and direction of travel.

Chris Woodman,  General Manager, TL Jones Ltd

We are thrilled to be included in this year’s GOOD DESIGN Awards winners, indicating the COMMANDER™ T2 is exemplary of a product leading the way in usability and aesthetics.

2011 BestDesignAwards | TL Jones