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D3 Tracking System

Precision Tracking identified that by enhancing the performance, feature set and accuracy of their On-Farm Vehicle Tracking System they could dramatically improve farm management outcomes and bring more value to farmers. By using new high precision GPS technology and real-time wireless communications and integrating these in cloud-based data analytics, farmers could achieve more accurate nutrient application, confidently report on environmental compliance and improve the sustainability of their farm practices.

inFact provided the high-tech development expertise for this new generation D3 Tracking System which accurately monitors the location of farming vehicles while it interfaces with spreading computers for accurate fertiliser application tracking. It also detects rollovers and other general purpose I/O. The D3 communicates via multiple cellular networks and the real-time operating system can be over the air (OTA) updated.

Real-time on-farm vehicle monitoring, control and tracking

D3 Tracking System

by Precision Tracking
D3 Tracking System

I’ve been using the Precision Tracking system for over two years and find it very easy to use. It makes the driver’s job easier which makes them more productive.

Precision Tracking

The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


inFact used its deep knowledge and expertise in wireless comms, GPS, controls, cloud-based systems and ruggedised electronic development to create a low-cost environmentally sealed industrial grade product.

The D3 is capable of precisely locating the vehicle as well as monitoring the status of other onboard computers. This allows the system to communicate with cloud servers in real-time for accurate tracking of vehicle activities and nutrient applications across the farm.


Precision Tracking identified inFact as the ideal partner to develop their new generation vehicle tracking device because of inFact’s extensive experience across all the key requirements for the product.

inFact developed a requirements specification in collaboration with Precision Tracking to define the functionality of the new product version and built prototype units to enable field testing with farm contractors to prove out the


inFact managed the production implementation and continues to support Precision Tracking upgrades for location tracking and communications.

The design provides a platform for agriculture vehicles as well as being well suited to other tracking, control and datalogging applications. It is ultra-rugged, waterproof to IP68 and able to be built in large volumes at low cost. Precision Tracking D3 units have been released to the market and are now commercially deployed.

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