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Cloud Backend and App Services

We know how to make technology work in remote locations for reliable data delivery. We enable purpose-designed application layers and user interfaces that provide you and your customers with easy and affordable data services from the cloud backend through to web and mobile Apps.

Connected technology products and value-add services

System architecture  | inFact Limited

System architecture, User Stories and Requirements 

Insight-driven specifications establish a clear development pathway

Planning out what you need for your connected services and how these will add value is crucial to determine what to build and what technologies to use.  Our specialists will help you gather user insights and translate these into a minimum viable product (MVP), provisioning for future scaling up when you are ready.

System prototype / MVP | inFact Limited

System prototype / MVP

Functional prototypes provide validation before DFM

Our team can advise on MVP approaches that allow you to learn more about your customers’ needs without investing in a complete product. By carefully extracting the product’s core functionality first, the technology stack can be designed to create a fit-for-purpose system prototype at a low cost.

​Scaled Cloud Systems | inFact Limited

Scaled Cloud Systems

Refining the product aesthetic, usability and design for scale manufacturing

Using industry leading cloud service providers, such as Azure or AWS, enables an environment where features and services can be added with minimal configuration costs. Security considerations are highly customizable depending on your system requirements, allowing for additional layers to be built up for higher-risk systems. Upon growth of your application, this cloud architecture allows your system to automatically scale without needing to worry about server limitations.

​Application Definition and Prototyping | inFact Limited

Application Definition and Prototyping

Wider scoping of product options to rapidly converge on an inspired solution

The journey of user-experience (UX) design starts with prototyping using wireframes and app screen mock-ups. This lets your different stakeholders get hands-on experience with the system so key insights can be gathered and implemented back into the system architecture and UX design.

Field Support and Operational Transition

Setting up a production system to deliver certified quality products 

Our team provides a level of support and maintenance during early deployments. This simplifies the debug and refine process. When ready, a well-documented transition of the system to your internal  team can take place for ongoing management and support.

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