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CCN8 SoftDrive

The all-new CCN-8 SoftDrive provides an elegant field solution for the control of airport check-in conveyors. It is specifically designed to provide an economical means of conveyor control in large deployment environments, where on-site installation time and cost savings are critical for project delivery.

The CCN-8 SoftDrive provides a soft-starter with adjustable parameters to give smooth starting at all loads, eliminating noise usually associated with drum motors starting. With simple plug and play installation the CCN-8 SoftDrive support multiple network communication protocols and a range of different motors.

Specialised and cost efficient soft-start drive technology for smooth quiet operation of baggage conveyor systems

CCN-8 SoftDrive

CCN8 SoftDrive

At the customer site, it’s just plug and play, saving expensive controls engineer commissioning time, and the new design provides an elegant field solution for the control of airport check-in conveyors

Kevin Maurice // Managing Director // ATRAX Group

The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


In collaboration with inFact, ATRAX took a user-insights-driven approach where rapid concept prototypes were designed and built. This allowed conveyor manufacturer customers to evaluate the specific design configurations and feature sets before making a full commitment to the production design. ​

With a clear specification in place inFact created an innovative design utilising high power tries to control motor ramp up current. inFact worked closely with suppliers to generate a costed Bill of Materials which allowed production to be retained in New Zealand.


ATRAX needed to re-invent its high-cost control node drive technology and with inFact’s innovative team created a unique low-cost soft start drive solution for conveyors.

The team formulated a specification for the CCN-8 which would future-proof the product providing integration with an increasing number of network protocols and a wide range of plug and play options for conveyor manufacturers.


inFact managed the manufacturing implementation stages and CCN-8 was ready for production within 18 months of kicking off the project.

inFact also designed and built a range of production fixtures to provide ease of assembly, automated testing, and diagnostics.​

Compliance was managed by the inFact team to meet CE high voltage electrical standards. CCN-8 has shipped in volume having been well received in the market and is being deployed word-wide.

Capabilities used on this project

Industrial Design

Product Design


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