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Product Design

Our experienced team work with you to create innovative products and service solutions ready for manufacture. We have extensive experience in user insights, UX/UI and industrial design aesthetics, mechanical engineering, embedded systems and Cloud and App solutions.

Innovative product and service design for sustainable environmental and commercial outcomes

Functional Design | inFact Limited

Functional Design

Functional prototypes provide validation before DFM

The primary product features and interfaces are validated using high-resolution functional prototypes. This allows accelerated life and end user testing to validate requirements such as ruggedisation, usability and compliance. Customers get a better sense of the product’s look and feel and its baseline features before proceeding to detailed design for tooling.

Detailed Design | inFact Limited

Detailed Design

Refining the product aesthetic, usability and design for scale manufacturing

Detailing a design for volume manufacturing takes time and careful implementation. Consideration of the production, test and assembly processes is critical to delivering a high level of quality at the right price at the. Product build costs drive decisions on tooling and other aspects of production automation. 

Concept Development | inFact Limited

Concept Development

Wider scoping of product options to rapidly converge on an inspired solution

Concept development is a critical stage in which the needs of your customers are translated into concept options to test feasibility and product appeal. Sustainability and compliance requirements are considered seriously at this stage, so risks are identified early to minimise development effort. Various manufacturing approaches will be explored to provide product cost estimates and automation requirements.

New Product Introduction | inFact Limited

New Product Introduction

Setting up a production system to deliver certified quality products 

Our production engineers fully support the new product introduction and EOL testing processes, helping to resolve the minor issues that arise down the production line. User manuals and other quality management documentation are drafted, and support marketing and compliance specialists navigate certification.

User and Technical Requirements Planning and System Architecture

Insight-driven specifications establish a clear development pathway

Using established processes like design thinking, technology reviews and product/system architecture, we develop an initial set of user and technical requirements in collaboration with you. These enable the rapid development of early-stage prototypes to validate ideas and discover fundamental opportunities for innovation and viable product outcomes. 

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