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Shark Wheelchair System

The SHARK System is a versatile and cost-effective Powerchair control solution designed to fit the majority of standard power chair applications.

The SHARK System became the world's largest-ever selling electric wheelchair remote control.

inFact Development Activities:

- Product architecture
- Connector concept and patent
- Mechanical detail design for assembly
- Documentation for FDA
- Precision tooling management
- Automation machinery for connector
- Assembly documentation
- Operator training and debug
- Production support

The SHARK System is a versatile and cost-effective Powerchair control solution designed to fit many standard power chair applications.

Shark Wheelchair System

by Dynamic Controls
Shark Wheelchair System

A stylish modern joystick remote that is simple to use and configure.

Dynamic Controls

The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


Dynamic had several teams working on electronic software and industrial design elements of the product range. Conceptual work was undertaken to trial DFM techniques and automation was a major driver in this. inFact was involved in the mechanical engineering of the product and its manufacturing system. Extensive testing both for environmental and compliance was undertaken. The cost reduction programme and integration with electronics and supply chain requirements driving many of the hard to resolve issues.

Marketing drove customer requirements and it was during this development that it became obvious to inFact that a design front end to understand customer needs for ourselves was going to be a primary requirement.


Dynamic Controls produces most of the worlds powered wheelchair controllers and 50% of these are the Shark product range. Earlier models, however, were designed without due consideration of design for manufacture and largely ignored the installation, service and parts stocking requirements that represent significant cost as volumes ramp to meet global demand.


Shark is Dynamic's most successful product range ever. It has huge market penetration and many of the design solutions incorporated in these products have been carried into subsequent designs and have become embedded in many Invacare (parent) products.

Capabilities used on this project

Industrial Design


Customer Insights

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