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Electronics Hardware Design

With years of experience in technology areas such as low-power, high-speed microprocessors, RF and communications stacks and remote sensing, we know what works in extreme environments. Using known ‘fit for purpose’ design solutions, our hardware engineering specialists apply these cost effectively to meet compliance and build cost and reliability requirements. Working closely with our embedded systems team, the right balance of hardware optimisation is achieved.

Innovative product and service design for sustainable environmental and commercial outcomes

Prototyping and Risk Assessment | inFact Limited

Prototyping and Risk Assessment

Enabling rapid qualification of the technology approach and risk assessment

Proof of concept hardware enables early-stage risk assessment of functional performance. Use of development kits and prototype PCB’s enable rapid prototyping and problem solving whilst providing the platform for the firmware team to begin development.

Prototype build, Run-up and Validation| inFact Limited

Prototype build, Run-up and Validation

Hardware builds enable embedded firmware development and validation

Low volume PCBA prototypes are assembled, where possible, on automated lines and are run up and debugged to undertake primary functional testing and pre-scanning for compliance.  This provides an optimal platform for the embedded firmware development.  

Hardware Schematics and Functional Design | inFact Limited

Hardware Schematics and Functional Design 

Hardware design and technology selection for cost viability and risk assessment

Schematics capture and circuit design provide opportunity for a detailed review of the functional hardware design, enabling the team  to assess the risks to be mitigated with solutions such as circuit protection, multi-layering, ground planes and alternate foot-printing. A Bill of Materials is created to establish supply availability and component cost. PCB layout is done in collaboration with the mechanical design team.

​System Architecture and Technology Selection  | inFact Limited

System Architecture and Technology Selection

Team exploration of the system requirements to determine optimal hardware architecture

System requirement specifications are developed in parallel with the overall system architecture. A wide array of firmware, power and connectivity considerations influence the technology selection process along with the specific compliance requirements to come later in the project. Opportunities  for innovation are explored during this stage to achieve cost and performance targets.

Design for Manufacture, NPI and Certification | inFact Limited

Design for Manufacture, NPI and Certification

Volume design refinement in collaboration with the manufacturing partner

Volume design requires input from the manufacturer for component supply, automated production line set-up and end-of-line test requirements. Design for Test (DFT) includes the development of jigs and fixtures to optimise test environments depending on volume and complexity. Our team supports the hardware NPI process and can lead the certification of the final design for CE and UL compliance. 

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