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tgoma® is the first outdoor, interactive gaming system to transform a trampoline into a connected digital gaming system. tgoma® elevates the backyard experience and encourages kids to go outside and play.

Unlike other exergames that are used indoors, tgoma® takes the power of digital play outdoors, offering an active, full-body experience.

Since its launch in May 2016, tgoma® has reached international recognition as a finalist in the 2016 Australian Good Design Award and finalist in the 2016 NZ Innovation Awards.

Introducing a new way to play


by Springfree

I just wanted to say thanks to the inFact team for, what I think, is a fantastic level of progress on the work items you are driving. I have been really impressed and like where we are going.

Doug Hill // CEO // Springfree

The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


Because this type of trampoline- based sensing technology had not been commercialised before, the team was challenged with many requirements with unknown solutions.

The inFact team collaborated with Springfree teams to identify and create new ways of integrating the tgoma system with the trampoline, designing and testing these until an easy to install, low cost, kid friendly design was manifest.

The process included:

- user insights
- concept generation
- rapid prototyping to validate a range of configurations
- product design & development
- design for manufacture
- validation testing
- manufacturing transfer and QMS in China


Springfree™ invited inFact to help develop some interesting new sensing technology that one of their smart young engineers had been developing and testing for several years.

The first stage of this process involved listening to what Springfree™ were trying to achieve and why this was important to not only their business but also to their customers who just wanted to get their kids to spend more time outside being active.

Springfree™ engaged with inFact, in 2013, and initiated the initial requirements planning and stakeholder workshop to capture a sense of the product requirements.


inFact’s team delivered a quality product that meets the requirements for an international market place selling in big retail stores across the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The immediate international recognition is a testament of the creativity and hard work by all design teams of the team over the last few years.

inFact is now looking forward to future project collaborations with Springfree™.

Capabilities used on this project

Design Thinking

Product Design


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