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New Product Introduction

Every aspect of the new design comes together on the production line to deliver your product to a quality specification. Our team manages the production variation and minor refinements required to adjust for tolerance issues in hardware and mechanical elements. Documentation is critical to the hand-over process, and we develop this in the form of a manufacturing release pack at the end of the project.

Innovative product and service design for sustainable environmental and commercial outcomes

Product and Services Collateral | inFact Limited

Product and Services Collateral

Hardware builds enable embedded firmware development and validation

Our designers generate materials throughout the development that support the documentation requirements for the marketing and technical teams including user manuals, brand guides and marketing collateral.  

​Manufacturing Documentation | inFact Limited

Manufacturing Documentation

Hardware design and technology selection for cost viability and risk assessment

Documents are created throughout the development cycle which are then converted into the product manufacturing specifications for release to you and your suppliers.  Tight revision control is maintained throughout the NPI process using secure online repositories, with changes tracked and clearly presented to contract manufacturers.  

Design for Manufacture | inFact Limited

Design for Manufacture

Team exploration of the system requirements to determine optimal hardware architecture

Design for Manufacture starts early in the development cycle determining how your product will be produced and tested. Test-driven design philosophies ensure the product verification process for production and compliance is achieved. Working closely with suppliers, our specialist teams ensure detailed design elements are manufacturable at a specified quality, volume, and cost.  

​End-of-Line Test and Verification | inFact Limited

End-of-Line Test and Verification

Enabling rapid qualification of the technology approach and risk assessment

End-of-line test systems are considered early in the concept and functional design stages.  End-of-line test equipment is often required with more complex technologies to ensure product compliance on the factory floor. Our team of mechatronics engineers create hardware and programming test fixtures and associated firmware to automate this process saving valuable factory assembly time. 

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