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MotoLure Dispenser

The ZIP MotoLure is a robust tool that can be used in a range of situations. It dispenses a preset amount of fresh mayonnaise lure for possums, rats and stoats, for up to one year without requiring manual service.

ZIP is developing a quiver of tools, technologies and methods to understand and mobilise a defensive line of sensing traps that not only attract the predator but also destroy and alert the system to an event. The project has been running since 2014 and has been deployed successfully in the Marlborough Sounds. The next stage is to “electronically fence” a much larger peninsular of New Zealand and continue to expand the installations from there.

Dispensing perishable food lures in the field, for months at a time

MotoLure Dispenser

by ZIP
MotoLure Dispenser

Pleasure's mine. Once you jokers left we all couldn't stop talking about how smart and productive inFact is. Can't wait to see how this project works out, let alone other work in the future!!

Tim Sojberg //

The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


A major challenge for the project has been to make the MotoLure system viable such that the build cost of the system would enable ZIP to offset the cost of field staff carrying out the same luring functions on a line of traps over the life of the product operation.

Other design challenges included requirements such as fail-safe reliability, battery management, temperature effects, rodent invasion, harsh NZ bush environment, portability and the long operating periods.​

Several rapid prototype iterations have been carried out to resolve the many design challenges. These requirements have, however, driven the design to become a simple low-cost system that meets the commercial, technical and performance demands.


ZIP Ltd approached inFact to partner with them and develop effective tools and technologies that would operate reliably and effectively, with little human intervention, over long periods of time, in the New Zealand bush. ​

The first project was a lure-dispensing device that dispenses fresh lure daily into the trap to maximize the effectiveness of the trap in the line of defence against re-invasion.

inFact carried out user insights with ZIP field rangers and technical and animal behavioral staff to establish why; what and how their needs could be met.


inFact has developed and engineered a system that is now being used and sold to other organisations. ​

The device uses sheet metal and plastic molded parts, a low-cost DC motor/gearbox drive and control hardware/software with high power density batteries.

The MotoLure has also been developed by inFact to provide low temperature dispensing throughout the winter months.

A combination of rapid prototyping techniques and design for manufacture using the low set up cost processes enable the MVP’s to be built at close to production costs.

Capabilities used on this project

Cloud Services

Product Design


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