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Skellerup Quatro

The inFact team collected insights from farmers around the country and learned that comfort was not well served by the gumboot business. They then set about creating a gumboot that farmers would love to wear - all day.

After product launch, retailers selling traditional gumboots at $85.00 a pair were faced with a supply shortage of Quatro boots, despite their $175.00 price tag.

The Skellerup Quatro has become a major product line for Skellerup and still sells well both domestically and internationally. Winner of the Best Design Award in 2009.

Award-winning waterproof farm boots

Skellerup Quatro

by Skellerup
Skellerup Quatro

Skellerup’s been making gumboots by hand for over 70 years, and we used this expertise to create the Quatro gumboot. These boots have a host of features that make them hard wearing in tough agricultural and industrial settings, but ensure that you can wear them comfortably all day.


The Project

The project team works side-by-side with the client to ensure product functionality, marketability and usability are resolved through proof of concept prototypes. These are tested and refined to ensure all aspects of the solution are understood, key risks are identified and project goals are achieved.


inFact undertook a design research study to establish the brand positioning of Skellerup and its competitors.

This research verified the direction of the design process - the aesthetic design needed to be a balance between strong customer preference for a highly functional and durable product, and the need to convey flexible comfort and advanced features.


Skellerup’s objective was to incorporate the latest developments in materials and footwear technology to create New Zealand’s first high-performance agribusiness gumboot.

inFact was engaged in the project to create an aesthetic form that expressed and met the expectations of the Skellerup brand and the physical performance requirements of the boot.


Within a few weeks of launch, Quatro boot sales had exceeded available supply. The Quatro gumboot has achieved strong differentiation in the market by focusing on a deep understanding of customer needs, and has successfully enhanced the value of the Skellerup brand in the minds of the modern rural professional.

Capabilities used on this project

Industrial Design


Customer Insights

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