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Innovating for a Sustainable Future: The inFact Limited Story

inFact Limited, a Christchurch-based technology and product design company, has been a beacon of innovation in New Zealand's tech sector for over two decades. Founded by Nigel Sharplin, inFact Limited stands out for its commitment to bringing groundbreaking products to the market and its focus on sustainable technology.

The Genesis of inFact Limited: Pioneering Technology in Christchurch

inFact Limited began its journey 22 years ago, when Nigel Sharplin returned from the UK with a vision to innovate New Zealand's tech landscape. The company has since specialized in transforming scientific research into commercial products, creating a significant impact not only in New Zealand but also on an international level.

Bridging Science and Commerce

inFact's approach to technology is unique; it's not just about creating products but transforming scientific advancements into commercial successes. This synergy between science and commerce has been a driving force in bringing innovative solutions from the lab bench to the market.

Tapping into New Zealand’s Untapped Tech Potential

Nigel Sharplin, in the video, emphasizes the untapped potential of New Zealand's high-tech sector. He points out the historical focus on agriculture and tourism but highlights the promising rewards of investing in technology, which offers scalability and global outreach.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Tech Landscape

Despite the potential, the tech sector in New Zealand faces challenges such as capital funding and a shortage of engineering talent. Sharplin suggests a need for policy makers to shift their focus and support the burgeoning tech industry.

Embracing Sustainability in Technology

inFact Limited is not just innovating for the sake of technology but is keenly focused on sustainability. Sharplin speaks about the need to harmonize technological advancement with environmental sustainability, stressing the importance of eco-friendly innovations.

The Role of Technology in Environmental Stewardship

inFact's philosophy is to use technology as a tool for environmental stewardship. This involves creating solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also minimize ecological impact, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

The Essence of Entrepreneurship According to inFact

Entrepreneurship, according to Sharplin, is about taking risks, failing, learning, and persisting. He highlights that success in entrepreneurship is not just about having a vision but about bringing others along on the journey of realization.

Investing in People: inFact’s Philosophy on Tech Ventures

Sharplin emphasizes the importance of the people behind the ideas when it comes to tech investments. inFact looks for committed individuals who can articulate their vision and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges.

Propelling New Zealand to the Forefront of Global Tech

inFact Limited's ambition is not just national success but positioning New Zealand as a leader in the global tech scene. This involves nurturing the local tech ecosystem and showcasing New Zealand's innovative capabilities on the world stage.

Fostering Young Minds and Shaping Tech Policies

As this post draws to a close, a crucial aspect of inFact Limited's mission demands attention: their unwavering commitment to fostering the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. inFact recognizes that the future of technology and innovation lies in the hands of today's youth. To this end, they actively engage in educational initiatives and partnerships with academic institutions to inspire and cultivate young minds. By providing mentorship, resources, and real-world opportunities, inFact aims to spark a passion for technology and innovation in young New Zealanders, encouraging them to envision and create the tech-driven future of their dreams.

Beyond nurturing talent, inFact plays a pivotal role in shaping the policies that will define New Zealand’s tech landscape. Understanding that a thriving tech sector requires not just talent and innovation but also a supportive regulatory and economic environment, inFact collaborates with policymakers and industry leaders. Their goal is to advocate for and help develop policies that encourage innovation, support tech startups, and facilitate the growth of the technology sector in New Zealand. This includes pushing for investment in tech infrastructure, advocating for favorable regulatory conditions, and fostering a culture of innovation and risk-taking that is essential for the tech sector's growth.

By combining their efforts in education and policy influence, inFact Limited is not just contributing to the tech industry of today but is also laying the groundwork for a more innovative, technologically advanced, and economically robust New Zealand in the future.

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