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Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust

Aeroqual is a market leader internationally in air-quality monitoring. Working remotely with inFact’s technology design team the collaboration has developed the all-new Aeroqual RangerTM Dust, a cloud-connected hand-held device for a range of sensor heads and new online services.

inFact’s product, mechanical, hardware and embedded systems design teams delivered the Linux based platform to run Aeroqual’s end-user applications within the new ruggedised handheld case.

To complete the Aeroqual RangerTM Dust product solution, inFact also developed in parallel a new particulate sensor head, as well as a fully automated EOL test system and implemented these into production, using a local Christchurch contract manufacturer.

This wonderful NZ collaboration executed on Aeroqual’s vision for an exciting new highly aesthetic platform product that is capable of delivering scalable new online air-quality management services.


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