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Zero Invasive Predators

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ZIP - Zero Invasive Predators | inFact Limited
Auto Lure Dispenser for ZIP - Zero Invasive Predators

ZIP Ltd, a subsidiary of the Department of Conservation, has been established to pioneer a new approach to predator eradication using a ‘Remove and Defend’ strategy to eliminate rats, stoats and possums from New Zealand’s native forests.


ZIP - Zero Invasive Predators is developing a quiver of tools, technologies and methods to understand and mobilise a defensive line of sensing traps that not only attract the predator, but also destroy and alert the system to an event.  The project has been running since 2014 and has been deployed successfully in the Marlborough Sounds.  The next stage is to “electronically fence” a much larger peninsular of New Zealand and continue to expand the installations from there.


ZIP Ltd approached inFact to partner with them and develop effective tools and technologies that would operate reliably and effectively with little human intervention over long periods of time in the New Zealand bush. 


The first project is a lure dispensing device that dispenses fresh lure daily into the trap to maximize the effectiveness of the trap in the line of defense against reinvasion.


inFact carried out user insights with ZIP field operatives and technical and animal behavioral staff to establish why what and how their needs would be met.


To make the system viable a design approach was required that would offset the cost of field staff carrying out the same functions over a fixed time period. 


Other factors such as fail safe reliability, temperature effects, rodent invasion, carry weight, drop and shock as well as tumble and many other variables have driven the design and a number of learning attempts to resolve these challenges.


Apparent simplicity has been the pursuit.


inFact's product design skills helped develop a system that uses a low power battery operated motor drive which can be operated in the field for up to 10 years.


First production ZIP MotorLures have now been deployed into the field.