Woodsman SERENE

by Harris Home Fires

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a new super-efficient
wood burner design for warm and stylish inner city living



Woodsman SERENE - New ULEB wood burner by Harris Home Fires

Harris Home Fires decided to grow their presence on the market and was looking at designing a new product for their new product range.
inFact provided support by carrying out user insights and extensive  market research in order to find a gap in the market that would make Harris Home Fires stand out from their competitors.

Industrial design and clever usability improvement features were created for the new wood burner - SERENE, while Harris Home Fires was focusing on optimising burning efficiency and reduction of clearances requirements.

The system has undergone several design iterations and is now being
manufactured in large numbers for the NZ market. A new generation of
ULEB has been achieved.

Woodsman SERENE Fire safe drawer
Woodsman Customer Journey


Harris Home Fires approached inFact to collaborate with their design and marketing team on the design and development of a new cleaner burner for the NZ market, which would require smaller clearances and lower emissions.

inFact carried out user insights,
amongst independent retailers
and customers, to identify
requirements and needs that would give Harris Home Fires market advantage. From this and global market research, inFact identified a bigger gap in the market than for burners with smaller clearances.


inFact used its experience in user insights and market research to identify a gap in the NZ market that wasn’t addressed by any competitor. Most of the offerings in NZ were really traditional and didn’t integrate easily with modern interior designs, which other international competitors offer at a higher price point.

The shift, for Harris Home Fires, was to offer its customers a burner that looks more like a modern appliance, that is easy and safe to use, while being emissions efficient. 


Several design iterations where prototyped, reviewed and tested. Choice of colour options and features were part of inFact’s


The new Woodsman SERENE, wood burner, has passed the last test validation for ULEB rating with success and is now in production. 
The market is responding well to this new product. 

Harris Home Fires not only passed the planned test vaildation for lower clerances and low emissions, but achieved a new generation of ULEB for inner-city living. 

Sketch concept Woodsman SERENE
Serene Woodsman concept
Woodsman SERENE prototype
Woodsman SERENE Insitu Concept