Our comprehensive services are
designed to meet your requirements and budgets,
from initial consultation through to feasibility and
design innovation, development and commercialisation.
We can help with design strategy, research, planning
and delivery of new development programmes,
working with you to take your best seller to market, knowing your customers want to buy it.
inFact | Strategic Design Advisory
Strategic Design Advisory

Why go it alone and hope for the best when you can work alongside a qualified product design, development and technology consulting team with years of experience?


We will help you to establish which key technologies, values, market and product implementation strategies will significantly improve your business processes, and help you to deliver your exciting new innovation to market quickly.

inFact | Research For Design
Research  for Design

‘Research For Design’ is a collection of research and analysis tools focused on aligning design ideas with customer and business needs.  Creating certainty around customer values and purchase decision trigger points significantly reduces risk around the investment in the launch of new products.


Even areas that are traditionally difficult to subjectively measure such as aesthetics, have been mapped out using inFact’s RFD approach, helping to make product launches so successful that, at times, customer demand has exceeded supply.

inFact | Design & Development
Design & Development

We have the right people and the right processes to make sure your product has the best chance of commercial success. Too many great ideas don’t make it off the drawing board, so don’t leave it to chance.


InFact has assembled a world-class, multi-disciplinary team who are experienced across a range of sectors. This cross-pollination of experience and expertise creates a unique breadth of capability, able to add great value to your next product. You can learn more about our capabilities here.


Our team runs a design and development process that ensures the best results for your product. This process has been refined over many years and is flexible enough to be tailored to your unique requirements but rigid enough to make sure noting is left to chance.

inFact | Project Management
Project Management

We know what it takes to get from idea to product. We’ve done it dozens of times. You can leverage our team to guide you through the minefield of new product development.


Talk with us to let us know where you are starting from and where you want to get to. We can work with you to create a project plan that maps out the best pathway.  We will identify key milestones, task dependencies and overall time frames with associated costs.


We also focus on identifying and mitigating risks throughout the development process, communicating these to you so you can stay in control and make informed decisions. And we provide the information you need to report confidently on your investment in product development.


Over the years we have developed a close network of trusted suppliers and specialist contractors, thereby providing you with a full-service product delivery team.

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