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Integrated Technology Solutions
Award winning Metropolis Parking Meter

inFact developed the Metropolis high-tech solar powered Pay and Display Parking Meter for Integrated Technology Solutions Limited (former Cash Handling Systems) to target their international market.


Metropolis Pay & Display is the firm favourite in New Zealand with GIS terminals making up 95% of the on-street parking market. GIS holds the largest site in Australasia with Auckland Super City operating 1000 of these parking terminals. 


Key product features


  • Cash, credit card & cell phone payment

  • Solar powered

  • Robust vandal resistant design

  • Electronic locks & access control

  • Internet based remote management and reporting


To create a next generation parking meter that meets the needs of all users in the value chain, and is suitable for manufacturing and selling to international markets


inFact recognised that the solution for the parking terminal would require a ground up approach to  meet the needs of a wide range of end user customers, service staff and councils.


The process began by talking to each of these groups about the challenges that faced them streetside.


The team ran a design process that identified the key features and technologies that would make Metro a success, and took this from concept design to production implementation. 


The inFact team were responsible for all aspects of the development, including aesthetics and usability, mechanical design, system architecture and hardware design, and the software engineering required to provide back end payment and management services.


inFact collaborated with sub-contract manufacturers to implement production and provided a turnkey product ready for the street.


The product is widely acknowledged for its two secure compartments, one for the payment technology accessible only by the use of an i-key to service technicians and the lower compartment for clearing the coin vault. Servicing traditionally carried out street side is now a simple process of unlatching the door and replacing with a serviced unit.


The solar power and wireless connectively to visa and cellphone payment systems meant no wiring for power or comms reducing install cost x10 times.


Ten months later the first 600 Metro’s were installed on Christchurch streets, and have now spread to cities across the globe, handling millions of  transactions every year.

Mark Oliver, Technical Director, Cash Handling Systems

The fact that the Good Design award has been won by some highly noted designers and design teams, including Apple for the latest iPods and BMW for the Z4 Roadster, puts into perspective the level of quality of inFact’s design work. The Metro is today one of our best selling products and it is exciting that InFact has achieved international recognition for their design contribution.