Life® Chair

by Formway Design

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Knoll Life® Chair
Formway Life® Chair

Formway Design wanted to create a chair that was intuitive, and would sense and respond to a person's weight without the need for levers or knobs. They wanted to free people from chairs that were functional only in a single, stationary position.

Their research into the dynamic nature of the sitting process led to the Life® Chair.


The graceful curves, slim silhouette and smooth, responsive movement of the Life® chair set the standard for sophisticated design and effortless comfort. Its advanced control automatically responds to shifts in body weight, providing personalized ergonomic support.


Designed in collaboration with Formway Design, Life® represents a complete rethinking of how to approach sustainability through design.

inFact is not a retailer for Life® Chair, if you need to contact Life® Chair, your best option would be to contact their retailer directly, via this link -


Formway had embarked on an international programme with the USA giant office furniture manufacturer Knoll. Their innovative Life® chair product was hugely successful and production was ramping up.


The seat pan was however showing signs of failure due to repeated high stress loads.  InFact was brought in to analyse the problem and develop a solution.


With Finite Element Analysis tools and a significant level of plastics failure mode experience InFact set about reproducing the problem with its CAD based stress analysis tools.  


The problem become immediately apparent and the modes of failure were simulated on the actual product.


A change to the structural design of the seat pan and a change in the material meant the product would no longer demonstrate the problem.


Life® chair is manufactured in New Zealand and USA and is believed to be the biggest selling office furniture item ever for Knoll.