Apple Splicer

by Heartland

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splicer® | Apple Splicer
splicer® | Apple Splicer by Heartland

The splicer® is a unique handheld tool for slicing apples into bite size pieces for people of all ages. Better and safer than a knife, the “Spiral Slicer” is a fun way of getting children to enjoy eating healthy snacks.


Key product features:


  • Unique and fun kid friendly cutting tool

  • Aesthetic product showing branding opportunity within customer homes

  • Tuned cutting features require minimal slicing force

  • Quality injection moulded part with complex geometry


inFact was asked to explore opportunities for increased brand recognition though the use of a fun apple cutting accessory.


inFact was involved in different areas:


  • User insights, concept generation

  • Rapid prototyping to validate a range of configurations

  • Food safe material selection, dish washable

  • Safety, cutting surfaces

  • Industrial design


The parts complex geometry required the use of a 4 part injection molding tool. Simulated flow molding was used to fine tune the design and ensure correct molding.


The inFact team delivered Apple Splicer a quality product ready for market.