Formula E race car 

by Qualcomm

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Nigel Sharplin, inFact Ltd

The team worked late nights and crazy short build schedules to get these built in time for demo at the first race of the season. We are pleased to see the final product in action and the global recognition it is attracting!


A great success!

turning ideas

into MVPs

really quickly


Qualcomm had been working towards charging cars with wireless electric charging technology - Qualcomm® Halo™ - and asked themselves:  Why wait for ther real thing when it could be demonstrated now using a smaller scale model? 


Their drive to make the future real right now had inFact making them a 1:10 scale model of the Formula E racecar. 


Our team did  some custom body work…and create Qualcomm's own Formula E racer prototype. complete with its own wireless charging system using Qualcomm WiPower technology in a very short period of time.


We not only created the Formula E racer prototype, but to top it off, inFact created a gyro-enabled, Wi-Fi mobile app so that they could drive it with a smartphone!


Charged by WiPower, their mini Formula E was ready to roll! But Qualcomm wondered what they could benchmark it against. So they tested it against the real thing! 


Check out the video!

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