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V20 Heater

by Foot Science International

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improving orthotics
fittings one shoe

at a time

Formthotics™ V20 Heating Machine
by Foot Science International

Foot Science International entry to the US market required them to
improve the usability and performance their orthotics heating machine and dramatically reduce its manufactured cost.

inFact carried out user insights with podiatrists and learned they need to use the machine out with customers in their retail environments. This resulted in requirements for a high aesthetic, simple, easy to use and low noise heater in order to improve wide adoption of the orthotics heating process.

inFact took these insights into the design of the heater and developed a new aesthetic, with improved heat-flow to reduce cycle time, implemented an electronic control system and carried out design for manufacture to hit a target manufactured cost.

The outcome is a full compliant stylish low cost orthotics heater that is being sold at a good margin into the US and other international FSI markets.

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fitting orthotics in style


Foot Science International chose inFact for its proven track record in designing stylish business equipment and consumer products.

By carrying out user insights during the first phase of the project, inFact was able to collect valuable information that was used in the definition of required and desired
specifications. With cost being one of the important commercial drivers, inFact established a manufactured cost target early on and defended this throughout the project.


inFact used its experience in plastic moulding and manufacturing to design state-of-the-art product.

Concepts were developed and tested by inFact to select the most efficient layout for heating a pair of shoe inserts. A flipped air flow layout with new orientation was selected for testing, which resulted in a safer unit with stronger fan and smaller footprint using minimal space.

A bicolour design was chosen along with fine elegant lines on the upper shell, to give the product a pleasant aesthetic, while being suitable for use in retail environments.

The mains powered design is available in two variants for international markets such as Europe and USA.


From user requirement gathering through to product design, compliance and production implementation, inFact provided Foot Science International with the support they need to be able to produce and sell in large volume the necessary accessory for their Formthotics orthotics.

The price point reduction driving the need for a new heater has been met by optimising part design and production supply. Foot Science International is now producing and selling heaters worldwide.

Watch the video: https://vimeo.

Formthotics Heater

Formthotics Heater

Formthotics Context

Formthotics Context

Formthotics Context

Formthotics Context

Formthotics CAD Model

Formthotics CAD Model

Formthotics Prototyping

Formthotics Prototyping