Interactive Consulting System

by Eyewitness®

Digital Imaging & Interactive Consulting System for Slit Lamps by Eyewitness®

inFact developed a range of ophthalmic digital imaging systems which enable patients to observe their own eye in real-time during the examination.


inFact developed the Eyewitness® HD Plus which captures digital images, and with its simple touch interface provides access to previous patient records and a high quality display for caregivers or trainees.


Key product features:


  • Shorter exam times and better understanding

  • Simple touch interface with high quality display for video and still image review

  • Compatible with most commercially available slit lamps

  • Animations to help fixate children and IHC patients using micro display


Patient communication and understanding is critical to managing eye conditions. inFact’s objective was to deliver an effective method to engage patients during examination by displaying content on a miniature display.


inFact facilitated the creation of a new company to secure IP and branding around the range of new ophthalmic imaging systems including EyewitnessHD Plus and MicroView.


inFact implemented ISO 13485 certified quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.


This covered all stages of implementation including extensive product validation and compliance testing.


User experience focused development engaging with end users early on to form UI development.


The result is a field leading product which empowers doctors to complete their assessments with confidence. inFact set up sucessfully the manufacturing supply and management distribution network across Australasia.

Dr. Tony Wells, New Zealand Ophtalmologist, Director, Eyewitness

It can be used on slit-lamps in almost any area of practice and improves communications between practitioners and patients and engages them in the diagnosis. I see future applications for Eyewitness as a telemedicine tool in remote locations. It can be used in operating theatres to take a video feed of procedures, which is where I see it as having a practical application for training registrars.