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Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust

Aeroqual - Air Quality Monitoring

Ranger features cloud connected real-time data services, enabled from anywhere using Wi-Fi and cellular capability

Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust

Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust is a handheld air-quality monitor for real-time active sampling that provides simultaneous measurements of multiple particle fractions (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP). 

The device is cloud-connected with online data visualizations suitable for applications including: industrial and occupational hygiene, environmental monitoring, personal exposure assessments and indoor/outdoor air quality assessments.

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Aeroqual lead the air-quality sensor market and with its large range of high-end sensors wanted a new cloud-connected data capability on a new handheld platform.

Working collaboratively with the Aeroqual team, inFact participated in broader design thinking workshops to understand the market applications and how a new cloud services business might be provisioned. 

Competitor products were assessed rigorously to specify a key set of requirements. By experimenting with a number of industrial design prototype iterations the team derived learning from key customers about the usability and features that would deliver a differentiated cost competitive offering.


inFact’s hardware and embedded systems  team scoped OS platforms and derived a cost effective integrated SOM module approach that could deliver the end user connectivity and be integrated into the small aesthetic handheld 
case design.

inFact developed the Linux based firmware required to manage and run the system interfaces including display, external USB-C ports, battery management. Aeroqual developers built the user and sensor  interfaces and data delivery systems.


A new particulate measurement sensor head was developed in parallel with the Ranger handheld where inFact integrated the air quality sensing hardware and firmware into a small form-factor head.  


inFact engaged with the Aeroqual manufacturing team to design and implement the production and quality management systems using a local Christchurch contract manufacturer.  


inFact also designed and built the EOL test systems which can be managed remotely.

This all NZ collaboration has realised an exciting new, highly aesthetic, product platform that is capable of delivering a scalable level of new online air-quality management services for Aeroqual. 


The teams have executed on the vision for the product under tough conditions including COVID lockdowns and severe supply chain restrictions. 

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Two remote teams delivering a complex cloud-connected product during tough COVID restrictions